The blushing bride-to-be sat in between her mother and grandmother. Three men of varying ages sat on the other side of the glass table. At the head was the newly-wed groom of the sister of blushing bride-to-be. I say newly-wed because even though they had two well brought up boys (who touched the feet of the elders present), the sister was resplendent in one of her trousseau salwars and jewellery – a sign, perhaps, of what ms. blushing bride-to-be could possibly look like once she earned the “glow”!

Business cards and photographs exchanged, the talk turned to the question of assets on both sides. In the middle of all this wedding business talk, comes the waiter. The mother of the two boys (i.e. the sister of ms. blushing bride-to-be) displayed adequate concern by demanding orange juice for both her boys bending over the menu and displaying more cleavage than she would have dared to under her father’s roof!

The mother and grandmother carried on a conversation in the proper manner – close enough to the men to hear what they were saying, never interrupting, yet with surreptitious glances in their direction. (From the looks on their faces, the conversation was going as they had planned)

Ms. blushing bride-to-be, uncomfortable with all of this moved away to play with the two children while the men looked on approvingly – she will bring up her children well.

The only scary part of all of this was that this was at Cafe Coffee Day. All I demand from a cafe is coffee and the relative silence to read a book ranging from the mildly intellectual to the downright bizarre or chat with friends. I can tolerate loud teenagers; they ensure that enough money pours into cafes to keep them running. But an arranged marriage? My safe cafe world had suddenly been invaded!

A business deal and a daughter / sister’s wedding finalised … All in a day’s work for the new members of “India Shining”!!!

PS: I’m sure she’ll still have to make and serve the in-laws-to-be chai, but that’s for another day…perhaps at that time the blushing groom-to-be- might make it there too!!!

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  1. For a Mumbaikar stuck in the Delhi this was a very apt way to start ones blog! Made good reading… keep blogging…

  2. Kim,
    What a great way to record your experiences in Delhi. I have been desperately trying to email you but to no avail! It keeps bouncing back! I think you blocked me (purposely??Hahaha) ANYWAY, please unblock me so that we can talk…either from or from


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