Akwaba! Art in progress

Accra, 2018

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On the road in between Ga-Mashie and Accra’s Black Star monument, and hidden behind a temporary wall is a settlement of artists. If you make your way past the hoards of shops selling local art and craft, and make your way to the back of the settlement, you will see art in progress. Here the adults mold stone, wood, clay, cloth, and animal skin into the traditional carvings, masks, fans, and  drums so critical to the Ga and Twi people. In the background, children practice football, barefoot on the sand. 

Art in progress. Artisans’ Village, August 2018

This settlement is precarious. The government has started its “Marine Drive” redevelopment. None of the artisan families know where they will end up.

But still, they sing a welcome, Akwaba!

Akwaba! Artisans’ Village, December 2018

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